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Congratulations to Townsville City Council for being shortlisted at the Smart Cities Awards 2019 as the Smart City of the Year – Metropolitan! The prize will be awarded to a metropolitan city (over 100,000 residents) showcasing the best use and implementation of technologies and processes to enhance the overall operability and living experience within their city. The Smart Cities Awards will be announced and presented during the Smart Cities 2019 conference, which is running from 30-31 May at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park in Melbourne.

Townsville City Council has been pushing the capabilities of Taggle technology collecting data from a wide variety of applications to identify and solve problems.

Initially Townsville trialled smart water metering to validate whether costly behavioural change campaigns, targeting outdoor water use, were effective and for how long. Townsville then utilised MyH20, an online customer portal, to further drive behavioural changes as customers could monitor their own water use. Townsville has now installed water meters on specifically chosen high water consumption properties, businesses, sport field operators and schools to monitor usage and identify leaks.

Once the network was in place Townsville explored it’s capabilities to solve problems including monitoring temperature, electricity and security lights, water pressure, rainfall, river height, stormwater management with litter traps and is developing water quality sensors/buoys with James Cook University for environmental monitoring of waterways and the Great Barrier Reef.

Townsville City Council is leading the way as a Smart City in solving problems with IoT devices and insights gleaned from data.

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