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Taggle Systems

Provides a proven, easy to use and deploy,
end-to-end smart water solution to assist in solving
Water Utilities and Councils water problems.


Taggle is an Australian industry leader in

Smart Water Metering and IoT Sensor Technology.

With over 250,000 meters and sensors reading over 2 Billion data points per year Taggle systems is leading the way in IoT solutions in Australia and Internationally.

Creating solutions for our customers

Find out more about the challenges other Councils, Utilities and Industries have faced and how we have partnered with them to provide the solutions. 

Taggle Meter Readings

We deliver over readings every day from water meters and other sensors connected to water infrastructure around Australia. That is approximately readings per second!

This counter is based on actual readings delivered through our network.


Smart Water & Utilities

Taggle Systems provides solutions to the problems of leak detection, demand management, infrastructure planning, network operations and customer engagement.

For immediate results that continue to payoff well into the future consider the Taggle Network. 

Smart Cities & Communities

Smart Cities and Communities are now utilising sensors, communications and analytics to make cities more livable, vibrant and efficient than ever before.

Take the steps today towards an efficient future for your community.

Smart Agriculture & Farming

Digital assistance giving farmers increased productivity and efficiency through the use of sensing technology and data analytics.

From, irrigation to livestock, there could be a solution to improve the performance of your assets. 

Industrial & Commercial IoT

Smart Technology is transforming industries, opening up new opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness.

With the power of data and analytics driving quicker and better decisions and management of assets.


Taggle Webinars

Join us as we discuss topics within the realm of Taggle’s services

Why choose Taggle?

Taggle technology is proven, successful and secure.

50+ Councils, Utilities, Industry and Agricultural Customers

250,000+ smart meters & sensors in the field

2 Billion readings delivered to customers annually

550,000sq. kms of network coverage

Multiple Awards incorporating Taggle Technology 

Data & analytics that talk for themselves 

Sensor to Software Solutions

The complete process is managed by Taggle, from the sensor to software we ensure your data is delivered seamlessly every time. Take a step by step tour of how the system works and how your data is delivered to you and your customers.

Sensors & Devices

Taggle technology is proven, successful and secure.

Digital water meters
Pressure sensors
Level sensors
Mass-flow meters
Air quality sensors
Gas detection sensors
Water quality sensors
Sewer level sensors
Sewer flow sensors
Weather stations & rain gauges


Aqualus is a meter data management tool with solutions to analyse data collected from smart water meters, sensors within a sewer network or any other device using standard protocols from any provider.  The Aqualus software suite includes Aqualus Water and it’s associated Customer Portal, Aqualus Sewer, Aqualus Telemetry and TaggleAg for the agricultural industry.

Aqualus is an integrated solution to manage and analyse water supply & consumption and related activities across the entirety of a water utility’s network.

Aqualus processes, interprets and integrates data received from Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and other sources to provide water utilities control and oversight over their network infrastructure, from the whole of network perspective down to an individual domestic service.

Taggle, helping you prepare for the

digital future with intelligent networks and data

The digital future is now. Smart Cities projects are already moving from the concept stage into full roll-out providing benefits at city and region-wide scale.

Taggle is at the forefront of this with the value of information and communication as the driving force to solve problems within cities, industries and agriculture.

Australian councils and water utilities around Australia are using Taggle’s Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to collect massive amounts of data from thousands of meters and sensors installed across their regions.

On a daily basis Taggle delivers more than 5 million readings to their customers; data which they are using in billing systems, SCADA, GIS, hydraulic models, meter data management software and customer portals.

Customer portals are an important new channel for customers to engage with councils in which both parties benefit greatly.

Managing infrastructure and delivering services to the community are core business for a local council, and doing so more efficiently is a high priority.

Councils are being pushed to provide more and more services with little or no increases in rates revenue, so councils are looking for every opportunity to reduce their service delivery costs and extract maximum value from resources.

Taggle is ready to deploy its network in your area at very short notice and we have devices to help you start collecting data and getting results straight away.

Within hours of connecting your water meters to our network, for example, we can send data which will identify potential leaks on your customers’ properties. Once repaired, they’ll save water and money and your council will have happy customers.

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