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Smart water meters, environmental sensors, transmitter modules and software to build your Smart Network.


Integrated Smart Water Meters

Honeywell V200HT with Taggle Radio
Available in 20, 25, 32 and 40mm sizes

The Honeywell V200HT with Taggle Byron integrated radio is the next generation of volumetric technology which is well proven in the Australian market for low flow capture, longevity and robustness.

The V200HT uses positive displacement technology to measure the absolute volume of water flowing and the long-term effects on performance are few, well known and predictable. The V200HT incorporates long proven and ultra-reliable inductive resonant technology for monitoring the flow to allow for digital volume capture.

The electronic register features linearisation technology to increase the accuracy at low flows and over the lifetime of the meter.

The battery is used to power the electronic register and the communications only and does not influence the measurement accuracy. The V200HTs are fully potted to IP68 with 15 years battery life*.

There is no requirement for test modes or specialised test equipment for meter reverification or to investigate customer complaints.

V200HT Details

  • Available in 20, 25, 32 and 40mm sizes
  • Integrated Taggle Byron 900MHz band digital spread spectrum radio technology
  • NFC communication for rapid infield device installation and configuration
  • Hybrid design combines the benefits of volumetric flow measurement with an electronic smart integrated register
  • Fully integrated ‘under-glass’ solution
  • Robust, tamper-proof display
  • DZR brass body with brass threads and integrated DCV (20/25mm) or SCV (32/40mm) in outlet
  • Fully potted to IP68 with non-replaceable battery 15 years life*
  • Meter ships in deep-sleep mode to conserve battery for extended shelf-life and is woken by NFC at installation time
  • Compliance with relevant Australian standards, inc. NMI R.49,  AS 2845, AS 4020


Standard Power Taggle Device


25mW Transmitter for Pulse Output
Water meters and sensors

Transmitting hourly, the SP3C has an expected battery life of 15 years*.

The SP3C accumulates both forward and reverse flow pulses from the connected device in a low-power, deep-sleep mode, and transmits the accumulated count values at a user programmable interval (generally once per hour).

This device connects with most water meters (residential and commercial), rain gauges and other on/off sensor types. 

Contains an NFC Programming Port for rapid infield device installation.

Transmits meter or sensor data, meter alarms such as backflow, tamper (where available), as well as temperature and battery status.

Transmissions are secured with AES 128 encryption and is rated IP68.

Taggle High Power Device


500mW Transmitter for Pulse Output
Water meters and sensors

The extra power provided by the HP3D allows its signals to be received over a greater distance and from more challenging radio environments than other devices in the Taggle transmitter range.

The HP3D accumulates both forward and reverse flow pulses from the connected device in a low-power, deep-sleep mode, and transmits the accumulated count values at a user programmable interval (generally once per hour).

Transmitting hourly, the HP3D has an expected battery life of 15 years*.

This device connects with most water meters (residential and commercial), rain gauges and other on/off sensor types. 

Contains an NFC Programming Port for rapid infield device installation.

Transmits meter or sensor data, meter alarms such as backflow, tamper (where available), as well as temperature and battery status.

Transmissions are secured with AES 128 encryption and is rated IP68.

Taggle High Power Device


The NB3D is Taggles first NB-IoT product with an embedded SIM and NB-IoT communication provided and managed by Taggle.

The NB3D is a battery powered wireless telemetry unit designed for domestic and commercial water meters and various sensors that have digital (on/off) or pulse outputs. The NB3D supports low cost, utility scale deployments using existing NB-IoT cellular networks.

The NB3D accumulates both forward and reverse flow pulses from the connected device in a low-power deep-sleep mode every 15 minutes, and transmits the accumulated count values once per day.

Transmitting daily, the NB3D has an expected battery life of 15 years**.

To enable simple procurement and operation, the NB3D contains a pre-integrated SIM and Taggle managed NB-IoT communications services from existing NB-IoT network providers. 

NB3D  telemetry data is sent via NB-IoT to Taggle where the data is then stored and published via standardised data feed to nominated business systems.

Applications include:

– Automatic Metering Infrastructure including residential, commercial and industrial meters
– Rain gauges
Electricity meters (kWhr)
Float-switch level sensors
On/Off sensors of almost any type

Taggle Device


25mW Transmitter for Elster V100 with optional sun shield

The MRC-2 is a battery powered wireless telemetry unit designed specifically for use with Elster’s widely used V100 water meter. Leverage and maximise the ROI of your existing meters with this compact add on device.

The MRC-2 has an expected device life of 15 years*.

The MRC-2 accumulates flow pulses from a connected device in a low-power, deep-sleep mode, and transmits the accumulated count values at hourly intervals. 

The optional sun shield helps protect the battery life where devices are subject to extreme heat from direct sunlight which can reduce battery longevity.

The MRC-2 is fitted with a Hall Effect sensor that outperforms the more widely used T-Probe or reed switch.

The MRC-2 has proven history in Australia since 2011.


Taggle Cockatoo

Multi-Purpose IoT RTU

The Cockatoo is Taggle’s most versatile telemetry device with the flexibility to accommodate a range of sensors, protocols and radio technologies to address uncommon or specific requirements and challenges. 

Use cases include water metering, bore hole monitoring, flood plain and water catchment monitoring, pipeline management, wastewater network management or other activities where monitoring level, pressure, flow, water and air quality, weather, odour and gas. 

The Cockatoo offers flexibility of radio choice allowing the best solution to be utilised for the application in question. The Taggle Byron Radio is cost effective when larger numbers of devices are deployed in the area or the network is already available. The Myriota satellite solution would best suit rural deployments spread out over large distances, or smaller numbers of devices where the cost of rolling out a Taggle Byron network would not be justified. 

  • The Cockatoo provides flexibility in radio options by connecting via the Taggle Byron Radio or Myriota Satellite
  • Supports a range of common commercial and industrial protocols, enabling a variety range of sensors to be easily deployed
  • Supported interfaces include Pulse, Modbus over RS232/RS485, SDI-12 and 4-20mA.
  • Support for both internal and external antenna configurations
  • NFC Programming Port for rapid infield device installation and configuration
  • Flexible power supply options include 1-4 field replaceable internal D-cell batteries allowing for up to 15 years battery life* depending on application or any 9-30V external DC power source
  • IP68 rating provides high degree of protection against ingress of dust and moisture
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel connectors enabling deployment in hazardous environments such as sewers
  • Suitable for both urban and rural deployments
  • Transmissions are secured with AES 128 encryption (AES 256 for satellite solution)


Aqualus Software Solutions

For more information on Aqualus Software Solutions provided by Taggle please visit www.aqualus.com

Aqualus Water


Aqualus Water is an integrated solution to manage and analyse water supply & consumption and related activities across the entirety of a water utility’s network. Aqualus Water processes, interprets and integrates data received from Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and other sources to provide water utilities control and oversight over their network infrastructure, from the whole of network perspective down to an individual domestic service.

The Aqualus Water solution has been designed by water industry professionals and developed over a period of time in response to the challenge of managing the large quantity of data that was being generated through AMI.

Aqualus Water field operations Application


The Field Operations Application improves efficiency and accuracy during installation and for the management of meters. The tools within the application improve the speed and efficiency with which systems are deployed, data flow and integrations are seemless, reducing installation errors to a minimum.

The Field Operations Application provides field staff with tools to manage the following activities:
– Job management
– WH&S
– Installation Process
– Repair and Replacements
– Record Keeping
– Photos
– GPS Locations
– Meter reading
– Quality Assurance

Douglas Smart Water
The Application is available for Android and for the Microsoft Tough Pad.



The Customer Portal provides council and utility customers with an online service offering the tools to save water and money. Council customers can track their own daily water usage and keep an eye on how much it’s costing. Customers can also choose their own water consumption targets and set up alerts to be warned, if these targets have been or are likely to be exceeded.

Customers can add any of their properties to their portal profile and give others, including tenants and real estate agents, access to view water usage information.



Aqualus Vision is an easy to use dashboard providing visualisation of connected devices in real-time of an entire network of sensors. This allows staff to quickly identify any issues and deploy maintenance teams quickly if required.

Taggle Certified Partners Technology

Taggle can transmit and collect data from remote sensors via the Taggle Byron Radio Network as well as Myriota Satellite and NB-IoT. Below are some of the sensors already in use by Taggle customers.

HyQuest TB4 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The HyQuest Solutions TB4 Model Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is recognised as the world standard for measuring rainfall and precipitation, in remote and unattended locations. 

The integrated syphon mechanism delivers high levels of accuracy, across a broad range of rainfall intensities.

Vaisala Air Quality  Transmitter AQT410

Sensor for measuring pollution gases and particles.

Cost-effective, air quality and meteorological data solution AQT410 up to four most common gaseous pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and ozone (O3).

Advanced algorithms compensate for the impact of ambient conditions and aging on the sensor elements and remove the need for costly gas sampling and maintenance equipment.

Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530

The perfect mix of accurate air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction data to measure weather conditions without the expense or magnitude of an automatic weather station.

The Vaisala WXT530 Weather Transmitters have a unique solid state sensor technology with a focus on maintenance-free operations in a cost effective manner. 

Siemens Sitrans P200 Pressure Sensor

The Siemens Sitrans Fixed Range Pressure Transmitter range was developed to measure the gauge and absolute pressure of liquids, gases and vapours across a variety of applications.

The ability to measure the pressure of liquids in pipelines gives indication to weaknesses and faults and allows for better network and pumping management.

Taggle Sewer Overflow Sensor

The Sewer Overflow Sensor consists of two float switches integrated with a battery-powered Taggle transmitter, mounted in an IP68 rated enclosure for easy, in-chamber installation. 

Its float switches, mounted at different levels within the chamber, are activated as the level in the chamber rises.

Pulsar dBi HART Transducer Series – Level Sensor

Level sensor

Self contained non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor measuring with digital echo processing gives superb performance for solids or liquids particularly suitable for water level monitoring.

Pulsar’s dBi Series Transducers are low-power de- vices featuring Pulsar’s world-leading DATEM echo processing power for robust and reliable measure- ment from 125mm through to 15m (5 inches to 49 feet) depending on the unit chosen.

Acrulog™ H2S Monitor

The Acrulog™ H2S Parts Per Billions Monitor (PPB) is a portable gas data-logger, designed for indoor and outdoor environmental applications, to record low levels (0-2000PPB) of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), at sampling intervals of between 10 minutes and 1 hour. This Model Features built-in sample pump and optional 4-20mA industrial output. 

The Acrulog™ H2S Parts Per Billions Monitor (PPB) logs and provides data to ensure that offensive and nuisance odour emissions are within acceptable environmental levels.

Hydrostatic Submersible Pressure Based Level Sensor

The submersible pressure-based level sensor is a simple and reliable way to measure the level of liquids, ideal for monitoring water levels in tanks and bores. 

Davis Metric Rain Collector

The Davis Metric Rain Collector is a tipping bucket rain gauge.

The body and base of the Davis rain gauge is constructed of tough, UV resistant plastic. The tipping bucket pivots on bearings that minimize friction and wear. Stainless steel adjustment screws under each chamber of the tipping bucket allow you to fine-tune the calibration. 

Mounting holes are predrilled in the base and a built-in leveling trough aids in installation.

Hach FLO-DAR AV Sensor

Using advanced digital Doppler radar velocity sensing technology, along with ultrasonic level-sensing, the FLO-DAR sensor revolutionizes open channel flow monitoring, by measuring from above.

This means it can more effectively provide highly accurate flow data, under a wide range of challenging flow and site conditions, including sensor disturbances, high solids content, high temperature, shallow and caustic flows, large man-made channels, and high velocities of up to 20 ft/s.

Krohne Waterflux 3070

The WATERFLUX 3070 is a battery powered electromagnetic water meter for use in water abstraction wells, district metering areas and custody transfer measurement of potable water. 

With optional pressure and temperature sensors, the meter can also be used for leak detection, quality control and pressure management systems. 

Its measuring tube with a rectangular and reduced cross-section enables a stable measurement even at low flow rates. 

ABB AquaMaster 3 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

AquaMaster 3TM is a range of high performance electromagnetic flowmeters for the measurement of electrically-conductive fluids and is normally supplied as factory-configured, calibrated system.

The AquaMaster 3 MODBUS interface has been designed for low power consumption, so that it can be used with battery or renewable energy supplies.

We are continuously developing our sensor range and finding new partners to achieve solutions, so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?

*Battery life is dependent on the battery configuration, transmitting hourly unless otherwise stated, and with an average temperature between 10°C and 30°C.

**Battery Life for NB3D (NB-IoT Device) estimate is based on 
15 minute data logging with once per day transmissions
Device operating in Extended Coverage Level (ECL0)
Device operating within specifications outlined in this document.
Battery Life can be affected by;
Increased data logging, transmission rate or payloads
Challenging radio transmission locations, where the NBIoT Network directs the device to change “Extended Coverage Level” operation from ECL0 to ECL1 or ECL2. 
Ambient operating temperature