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The residents of Port Douglas in Far North Queensland have achieved remarkable savings since the installation of smart water meters nine months ago. Mossman residents will soon share the opportunity as smart meters are being installed across their town and the remainder of the Shire.

Douglas Shire Council has begun the installation of 3500 Taggle Systems smart water meters for its residents in Mossman and surrounds following a successful Phase 1.

The first phase, which included 900 properties, saw 92 megalitres (ML) saved in the last nine months. This is more than 36 lap pools or about $150,000 in savings.

On a per-property basis, this is a saving of $166 per year when a smart water meter is installed.

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said the smart water meter program expansion could see savings flow into thousands of households.

“Many Port Douglas residents have already shaved hundreds of dollars off their annual water bill, thanks to their new smart meter,” he said. “The smart water meter program allows Council and property owners to detect leaks quicker than ever before. It will further reduce the amount of water being wasted. Under stage two, we will see about 3500 smart water meters installed at eligible properties. If the current rate of savings continues, we could see more than 300ML of water saved from leaking into the ground this year.”

Smart water meters find leaks

“Finding and fixing leaks in our network remains a focus while Council invests in projects which increase our water supply,” said Kerr.

The first smart water meters will be installed at the remaining properties in Port Douglas and Craiglie before contractors make their way to Mossman and the surrounding areas.

Property owners will receive a letter notifying them of the upcoming installation and information about the MiWater Customer Portal.

Port Douglas MiWater

Sign up to the MiWater Customer Portal to save money

The MiWater Customer Portal is now available for properties in Douglas Shire with a smart water meter. In the coming months, it will open for residents of Mossman and the surrounding areas.

You can track your water usage online and identify leaks quickly, saving you money on your next water bill.

You can access the customer portal on your computer or smartphone anywhere, anytime.

To register for FREE, go to miwater.douglas.qld.gov.au

This article was first published in Inside Water Magazine.