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Taggle names Cockatoo as its first direct-to-satellite device on the Myriota Platform enabling low cost remote digital water metering and water asset management.

Myriota, the world leader in secure, low-cost and long battery life satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), partners with Taggle, an industry leader in digital water metering and IoT sensor technology, providing a full end-to-end water monitoring solution from sensor to software even in the most remote environments.

Myriota’s partnership with Taggle will see the release of the Myriota Certified Taggle Cockatoo. The telemetry device supports data collection from a range of common commercial and industrial protocols, enabling a range of sensors, including water meters, to be easily monitored. With Myriota connectivity, the Cockatoo is able to provide councils, water utilities and water regulators with timely water consumption data from even the most remotely located assets, providing a powerful tool for the water industry, particularly in rural areas.

Leveraging Myriota’s constellation of nanosatellites, the Taggle Cockatoo is designed to support rural water utility providers and councils by providing accurate reporting data that removes the need for manual checks of water management devices and allows for early detection of leaks and potential problems.

Myriota’s direct-to-orbit IoT technology provides connectivity for Taggle’s Cockatoo device, no matter where they are located. Its low-cost, low-power solution provides up to 15 years of battery life, dependent on the use case. The Taggle Cockatoo prevents costly issues occurring by identifying problems quickly and proactively distributing alerts.


The Myriota release is available here