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Devices that allow real-time monitoring of water use are set to be rolled out at homes and businesses in Logan.

Smart water meters will be installed at around 700 properties across the city from next month as part of phase one of Logan Water’s implementation of the innovative technology.

The smart meters will replace existing 20mm mechanical water meters, while new data loggers will be attached to existing mechanical water meters larger than 20mm.

All water meters will continue to be manually read, as per current practice. There will be no additional costs charged to customers under phase one.

Logan City Council’s initial investment in smart water metering solutions is intended to allow both customers and council to understand the value of real-time access to water usage data and information.

Smart water meters along with a customer portal and app will provide Council and customers with the ability to understand water usage patterns and performance of the water supply network, including early detection and identification of water leaks.

Customers within the areas earmarked for the initial deployment of smart water meters will be provided with detailed information about the installation and operation of smart water meters.

The project will support the delivery of sustainable and efficient water supply services to Logan ratepayers.

Additional information:

  • Currently, water meters are manually read on a rolling three month basis. The project intends to collect water usage data at a greater frequency to provide better information to both Logan Water and customers.
  • Once phase one is well established, customers in the project area will be provided the opportunity to access their water consumption data online.
  • Logan Water will install several types of technology to compare features.
  • The project will provide valuable information to help shape Logan City Council’s Smart Metering Strategy.
  • During phase one, Logan Water will be eager to engage with customers in the project area for their feedback.  A “Have Your Say” page has been created on the Logan City Council website and a customer reference group will be established.https://haveyoursaylogan.engagementhq.com/smart-water-meter-rollout
  • A smart device is able to send water consumption data directly to Logan Water over the radio spectrum.
  • Smart water meters are at least as accurate as mechanical water meters and must meet the same industry standards.


Published by Logan City Council on the 23rd August