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Leeton Shire Council have installed the first large flock of Taggle Cockatoo’s to monitor water pressure, lift station levels river height and rainfall.

The Cockatoo is Taggle’s recently released versatile telemetry device with the flexibility to accommodate a range of sensors, protocols and radio technologies to address uncommon or specific requirements and challenges.

Leeton are using the device to collect data for the following:
– monitoring water pressure in the reticulation network
– early warning alerts to rising levels in lift stations with the use of dual float sensors
– rain gauges paired with ultrasonic level sensors to provide early warning for rising water levels during heavy rainfall events

Smart Water Leeton Pressure
The Cockatoo collects the data which is then processed and delivered via Aqualus Vision, Taggle’s IoT visualisation platform. This platform enables remote visualisation of assets and resources with early warning alerts to inform decision making and to quickly address any issues.

This variation of the device communicates via the Taggle Byron Radio Network and supports interfaces including Pulse, Modbus over RS232/RS485, SDI-12 and 4-20mA.

To learn more about the Cockatoo click here

For more information get in touch with the Taggle Team and we will happily run through possible use cases or see how the Cockatoo may help resolve your current challenges.