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The Nhulunbuy Corporation is set to introduce Taggle Systems’ smart water metering solution to replace and augment the current water meters in order to improve accuracy of water bills, reduce water waste in leaks, increase meter reliability and improve customer service.

Nhulunbuy receiverNhulunbuy is located on the Gove Peninsula in the Northern Territory, approximately a nine hour drive from Katherine via the Central Arnhem Road, and is the largest town in East Arnhem Land.  Nhulunbuy is the service centre for nearby mining operations and the commercial base for the East Arnhem region.

The smart water meters will provide the ability to collect hourly water consumption data on every household and business in Nhulunbuy and the nearby Industrial Estate, enabling quick and easy identification of leaks or issues in the water infrastructure. This will be a powerful tool for both the Finance and Infrastructure departments.

Installation will involve Data Right, Taggle’s authorised technicians accessing the water meters on each property. This process will result in the property losing water supply for a short period of time, during the installation itself. As a worst case scenario, the water may be off for as long as 60 minutes.

The installation is set to begin on the 11th October, and will include all residential and commercial properties.

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