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Douglas Shire Council is set to install Taggle Systems’ smart water metering solution to improve water security, billing accuracy, improve customer services and reduce resource costs for the future.

The smart water meters provide the ability to collect hourly water consumption data on every household, business and public space, enabling quick and easy identification of leaks or issues in the water network. 

These insights will be a powerful tool for the water services team as well as the customer service team in providing better services to the community.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting before the matter was passed, Councillor Peter McKeown said, “I think everyone in the room has had excess water bills, hopefully this will start to solve that problem.”

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr agreed with Cr McKeown that the initiative was long overdue and welcomed the ability for the public to have constant access to monitor their own usage.

“Hopefully it’ll take away the burden of water rate bills that are way over the top. The community will have constant 24-hour access to their own water usage to see if there are any leaks,” Mayor Kerr said. 

“The Smart Water Meter Program is a really exciting innovation for our community and is a key tool in our water security strategy.”

Council expects the smart water program will reduce water loss, improve accuracy of water rates billing and increase participation in water saving practices with an ability to provide near real-time water usage data to the community.

Taggle has a well-established reputation, servicing many councils in the region and throughout Australia. Taggle’s proven technology and experience provided confidence that they would support Douglas Shire Council through the full implementation and operation of the complex system.

Stage One of the Smart Water Meter Program has been funded from the Queensland Government’s 2021-24 Works for Queensland Program.

The remaining funding has been earmarked for Council’s 2022/23 Capital Works budget.

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