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From Smart Watches to Smart Phones, we’ve all grown very accustomed to smart devices and the amazing ways that the data from these devices can be used to improve our lives. Many councils and water utilities are embracing “Smart Water” to monitor the end-to-end water ecosystem and use the data to drive a whole range of important improvements – sustainability, better customer experience, better network efficiency and more robust revenues.

In the same way as water flows through the water network, so too does data flow in the Smart Water Ecosystem. Remote sensors through to business applications, provide actionable analytics, better decision making, as well as drive operational processes. This is particularly true as we move towards “Digital Utilities” with multiple existing systems already in place such as SCADA, Billing and CRM. These utilities often demand to integrate Smart Water Data into their existing workflows and business processes.

For example, a Smart Water Meter detects a leak and automatically triggers an SMS to inform the owner they have a leak at their premises. A sewer sensor detects a high level and sets off an alarm to indicate a potential overflow. Or a pressure sensor indicates a high pressure point in the network that requires preventative maintenance and triggers a work-order to investigate.  This is the future of the Digital Utility.

Taggle is the leading provider of Smart Metering in Australia with over 270,000 end points operational today, and more than 10 years experience delivering devices, networks and the software solutions tailored to Australia’s unique conditions.

David Peters recently joined as CEO after 18 months on the Board of Taggle and he has a vision for Taggle to continue to innovate and develop the capabilities of what smart technology can do for the water industry to improve water management.

David explains: “Taggle have built an enviable leadership position in the Australian market, and moving forward we are opening up our ‘Smart Water Ecosystem’ with a view to end-to-end integration of the data from many devices and networks to provide a single integrated IoT Water Platform for the Digital Water Utility. We will also grow the APIs and integrations into the important business applications”

Taggle’s solution is called Aqualus, and the IoT architecture diagram above highlights all the different data sources, communication protocols and business applications that data from smart water meters and remote sensors can flow through. This open, interoperable, and agnostic approach is key for our customers to get the most out of the valuable data where it is needed. David continues “Whilst Taggle has solutions at every step of this value chain, we also have clients today on our Aqualus platform who use 3rd party devices or networks to collect the data. Its all about delivering the right data, at the right time, to the right applications”.

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