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Residents in Bannockburn are among the first in Logan to have their water use tracked by smart metering technology.

Smart water meters are replacing 20mm mechanical meters at select locations across Logan. New data loggers are being attached to larger meters.

The devices allow real-time monitoring of water use and assist with leak detection.

Devices have been installed at several commercial properties in recent weeks.

The smart water meter rollout has been underway since September 2019.

Logan City Council Acting Roads and Water Director Daryl Ross said the new technology was proving useful.

“The system has assisted some customers to address water-use issues,” Mr Ross said.

“The technology allows Council to have timelier discussions with ratepayers on water-use issues.”

In coming months residents with smart water meters will be able to track their own water use via smartphone or online apps.

“Our investment in this technology will help us ensure our water network is performing well,” Mr Ross said.

Water meters are currently read on a rolling three-month basis in Logan.

All water meters will continue to be manually read and customers will incur no additional costs.

Those in the project area can provide feedback at haveyoursaylogan.com.au