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Telemetry Devices

Taggle telemetry devices and communication modules for sending radio signals and data from sensors

Taggle devices are paired with sensors depending on application and radio environment to create a seamless Smart Network providing 100% connectivity.

Taggle ADC-1

Radio Transmitter

The ADC-1 is an extremely versatile telemetry device and has been used in a variety of water, wastewater and environmental sector situations. 

It is designed to suit pulse count applications including water meters which allows Taggle to achieve 100% connectivity in smart meter projects as well as many other use cases.

As well as water meters, the ACD-1 has been used to transmit data from sensors including rain guages, tempurature sensors, humidity sensors, soil moisture sensors as well as monitoring gas and electricity. 

Sealed and maintenance free, the ADC-1 has a 12+ year battery life, monitors consumption continuously and transmits this to the network on an hourly basis, or more frequently if required however more transmittions mean a shorter battery life.

The ADC-1 is one of Taggle’s most widely used products for pulse count applications.

Taggle HP-1

High Power Radio Transmitter

Taggle’s HP-1 high power radio transmitter is designed for those difficult radio environments such as within pits and basements as well as transmitting data over longer distances. 

Utilising a larger battery,  the HP-1 still retains the 12+ year long-life maintenance-free profile of the ADC-1 and MRC-1.

The HP-1 is a pulse output counter and used for reading water meters, rain guages, float switches, soil moisture etc.

Using a higher-power transmitter, the HP-1 has been tested and certified for Australian and US regulations. 


Taggle Parakeet

Radio Transmitter 

The Taggle Parakeet is part of Taggle’s next generation tag platforms which provide a wide range of new sensor applications.

Building on the standard cumulative pulse counting, the Parakeet can monitor forward and reverse directional flows or work over digital communications standards such as RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, SPI or perform analog measurement sensing.

These capabilities allow Parakeet to meet most remote sensing and telemetry needs from tank overflow monitoring, water, gas and electricity meter reading, temperature/humidity and soil moisture monitoring to pressure monitoring using analog sensors.

Parakeet provides an unrivalled 20 year battery life in water meter reading applications. Parakeet includes AES encryption for enhanced security and NFC support for faster installation and configuration.

Taggle LSTT

Radio Transmitter for Industrial Sensors

The Taggle LSTT is a general purpose telemetry module supporting most common industrial sensors. It is extremely versatile and currently used in applications such as monitoring pressure, flow, level, volume, weather, environmental sensing and more. 

The input type supported includes digital sensors using Modbus,RS-232, RS-485 and SDI-12 and analog sensos using 4-20mA and 0-10v protocols enabling a range of sensors to be easily deployed at low cost.

The LSTT can be easily paired with an external battery pack when higher demands on power is required for an application.

Taggle MRC-1

 Radio Transmitter


A low-cost, low-power transmitter designed specifically for use with Elster’s V100 water meter, which is used in the majority of domestic dwellings in Australia.

The MRC-1 is easily retrofitted onto V100 meters in the field; and has a 10+ year design life that exceeds the typical life of the meter itself.

Communicating with Taggle receivers, data can be collected over a wide geographical area.

The MRC-1 is fitted with a Hall Effect sensor that out-performs the more widely used T-Probe or reed switch sensors, defeating the jitter sometimes experienced with reed switches.

Designed primarily for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) applications.

Taoglas Roadmarker Antenna

Radio Transmitter

This device is used where a radio signal is extremely difficult to get out from below a metal lid often within a city environment. 

It is often used as the last resort but allows Taggle to provide 100% connectivity in even the most challenging of environments.

The device only houses the antenna and is connected to the HP-1.

Taggle Corella

Taggle Byron Development Module

The Corella hardware development module from Taggle provides engineers, scientists, researchers and students a development and research module that provides an easy way to get started with Taggle’s Byron IoT wireless communications technology.

Utilising the 922MHz LIPD band, this module provides low power, one-way, long-range radio communications for telemetry and IoT sensor applications.

This module is designed for use with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar devices, using a compatible shield in an XBee Pro format.

Data from the host is sent to the module by using simple AT commands and collected by Taggle’s network of receivers. Data is then delivered via the Taggle web portal and a variety of configurable open-standard interfaces including MQTT, Hypercat, HTTPS/REST and more.

External Power Pack

Taggle’s External Power Pack pairs with the LSTT module to provide extended battery life for higher powered applications and/or frequent data transmissions. 

Examples where this extra power is required includes ultrasonic level sensors, weather stations and gas and odour detection. 

This allows for the devices to maintain the long term in the field benefits associated with Taggle Smart Networks.