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Smart Water technology provides a wide range of business benefits that spans asset management, planning, operations and customer engagement.


Smart Water Metering

  • Increase water security
  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Improve network and operations efficiency
  • Defer capital spend on water infrastructure
  • Increase revenue from accurate meter reads
  • Reduce customer complaints, disputed bills and rebates
  • Reduce water theft

Taggle customers often seek to address aged water meter fleets, streamline meter reading and create efficiencies, avoid waste, increase data availability, realise cost savings and provide excellence in customer service while moving towards a more sustainable future.


A regular water meter is generally only read once in three months, whereas a new smart water meter provides 2190 reads in the same period.

Access to large amounts of near real-time water meter data presents opportunities for significant improvement in water and asset management, billing and customer service.

Data helps to ensure any unbilled water is understood, reduced or eliminated, plan future infrastructure spending, understand water flows and consumption patterns, bill in an accurate and timely manner and a portal allows your customers to make informed decisions too.


Analytics made available by the smart water network, allows for decision makers to understand and plan the network whilst actioning operational insights.

The data can help plan for future infrastructure spending, target maintenance prolonging asset life and an improved understanding of water flows to better manage network efficiency.


Knowing exactly how much water enters and leaves the network between a given time can help quantify network leaks.

These insights assist in targeted network maintenance improving network efficiency and reducing losses.

Water theft is no longer a problem as meters cannot be swapped out and faulty meters are quickly identified. 


Improve your customer experience by engaging the community in their water consumption patterns, and alerting to high consumption and leak events.

Billing disputes see improved outcomes when data can identify the underlying issue. 

Identification of leaks avoids concealed leak rebates, bill shock, and the need for follow up collection costs caused by high consumption.

Councils also experience fewer calls for information on bills once the data is provided via the Customer Portal. 

Smart Water Networks

In addition to Smart Water Metering, Taggle’s technology is being used to collect data from a wide range of other sensors to monitor the entire water ecosystem.

Data collected from low-cost sensors can assist in understanding the performance of an asset and help identify the cause to disruption.

An in-depth understanding of asset performance and reaction to external factors, like rainfall, improves network management and efficiency.

  • Water pressure
  • Sewer level height and flow
  • Rainfall and weather
  • Water storage and river levels
  • Gas and odour
  • Conductivity and PH levels
  • Water and air quality


Alerts triggered by reaching pre-set parameters quickly notify staff of abnormalities, highlighting possible problems within the network that require attention. 

This early warning system has proven extremely valuable, particularly in preventing sewer overflows, as crews can quickly address the problem.

Additional rainfall data can provide early warning of floods due to localised downpours, this data can also inform irrigation decisions. 


With the data and analytics, events that impact infrastructure longevity can be better managed.

For example, alerts to sudden increases in water pressure (water hammer) that puts strain on pipes and cause damage can be easily identified and the underlying problem addressed.

Gas build up within sewer networks can be monitored to ensure high levels aren’t reached and flushed in correlation with favourable weather and wind conditions reducing the impact on the local community.

Smart Sewer Networks

With the range of information now available with the use of low cost IoT Sensors and Networks, we can get a clear picture of what is happening across the Sewer System with alerts to abnormalities and preset parameters indicating problems.

Many factors influence and impact the sewer network including rainfall, wind, rising ground water and blockages. We can now monitor the effects of rainfall and predict sewer overflow events as well as the effect wind and weather has on odours within the system.

From the sensor through all stages of processing and analysis to the software, Taggle has the complete solution to manage your network.

The benefits of a Smart Sewer Network

  • Measure the impact of rain and groundwater on overflows and odour build up
  • Predict changes due to environmental influences
  • Alerts to developing  blockages and problem areas requiring maintenance 
  • Reduce flooding and overflow events
  • Detect unsafe gas and odour build up
  • Increases predictability and early warning for sewer overflows
  • Monitor if the water level is outside of an expected normal range

You can’t manage what you don’t measure