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Sensors connected by Taggle’s LPWAN and powerful software solutions are providing insights into better waste water and sewer management.

Smart Sewer Networks

With the range of information now available with the use of low cost IoT Sensors and Networks, we can get a clear picture of what is happening across the Sewer System with alerts to abnormalities and preset parameters indicating problems.

Many factors influence and impact the sewer network including rainfall, rising ground water, gas, wind and blockages. We can now monitor the effects of rainfall and help predict sewer overflow events as well as the effect wind and weather has on odours within the system and the community.

From the sensor through all stages of processing and analysis to the software, Taggle has the complete solution to manage your network.

Aqualus Sewer Software

Aqualus Sewer is a specialised analytics platform designed to monitor and manage the performance of sewer networks. Visit the Aqualus Sewer webpage

The benefits of a Smart Sewer Network

– Measure the impact of rain and groundwater on overflows and the effects of different climatic events

– Predict changes due to environmental influences

– Alerts to developing blockages and problem areas requiring maintenance

– Reduce flooding and overflow events with early warning alerts if the water level is outside of an expected normal range

– Detect unsafe gas and odour build up

– Identify the effects of wind and weather on odour build up in the community and to what level a network can be flushed before it impacts the surrounding area. 

– Detect levels of gasses in the network to identify and flush build ups that increase errosion 

Articles and Case Studies

Mackay Regional Council – Case Study of the first trial of the technology
“There is improved insight gained through the data on the relationship between duration and intensity of rain and the flows (and overflows). Such insight can help direct investments such as I&I inspections and sewer relining to areas with the highest potential for return on investments.”

Building a Smart Wastewater Network
“By receiving, analysing and understanding the data from these sensors, SA Water aims to detect the occurrence of surcharging and predict chokes as or before they form. This enables the utility to proactively dispatch cleaning crews to investigate and clear any chokes before they result in wastewater overflows affecting customers or the environment.”

SA Water’s sewer smart tech success 
SA Water’s Acting General Manager of Asset Operations and Delivery, Peter Seltsikas, said that since the Stonyfell pilot went live in October 2018, ten potential sewage overflows have been detected and prevented.

“That’s ten overflows that could have impacted the community, by either going into the street, environment or someone’s house or business,” Mr Sektsikas said.

SA Water gets smart with Gawlers gases
“The underground sensors particularly – which can be remotely monitored – will become our eyes and ears.

“The weather stations will monitor climatic conditions like wind direction and air temperature, which can impact the way odours move and are experienced outside our network.” SA Water’s Senior Manager of Asset Management Peter Seltsikas

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