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Goldenfields Water

Taggle worked with Goldenfields Water County Council (GWCC) to install it Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless sensor network to monitor water usage in the region.

Goldenfields Water County Council (GWCC) is responsible for the essential water supply to 46,418 people between the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers in South West NSW.

Taggle deployed a wireless sensor network in early 2014 throughout an area of approximately 22,500 square kilometres over four months.

Today with over 11,000 AMR devices, the network is used to read both urban and rural water meters. GWCC sends out quarterly bills at the same time every three months, with monthly bills to large users, providing their customers with more water readings without estimating usage. As a result they are able to pick up leaks early and manage effective water solutions for large clients.

GWCC recognised the value of our m2m network in the wider community and is now working with us to make Taggle devices available for use by farmers, commercial and industrial users and local councils.

Trials are underway to use the technology for a range of additional solutions including farm security and stock theft reduction, improved farm water use including soil moisture sensors and trough monitoring, environmental monitoring (rainfall, temperature and humidity), and wildlife monitoring.

Remote metering - Goldenfields

Solution: Automatic Meter Reading and data acquisition
Area Covered: 22,500 km2
Receivers: 35
Devices Connected: > 11,000
Installation: February 2014