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Mareeba Shire Council


Smart water meters helped council notify many Mareeba residents who had water leaks. Residents were extremely  thankful for finding these leaks and saving them lots of money by reducing their water bills.


Establishing a network to help manage water consumption in Mareeba Shire Council.

Mareeba Shire Council, in Queensland’s north, near Cairns, is responsible for providing water across the region. The council approached Taggle for assistance in detecting water leaks and helping the community manage their water consumption.

In two stages, local plumbers installed Taggle transmitter devices on resident’s water meters, initially in Mareeba and then the surrounding areas. Data is collected hourly, allowing the council to more easily detect leaks and quickly notify their customers, to resolve the problem. 

The long-term plan is for residents to have direct access to their water usage information, through the council’s website.


Mareeba Shire Council Waste and Water Services manager, Morris Hamill, said the service already helped council notify 284 Mareeba residents who had water leaks.

“Residents are thanking us for finding these leaks and saving them lots of money,” he said.

Every seven days data was reviewed and meters that didn’t have a reading of zero at any one time, would be picked up as a potential leak.

“It’s about helping council help the community,” he said.

Sensors include;
5,000 Digital water meters