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Aqualus Software Solution

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Aqualus is a data management tool with solutions to analyse data collected from smart water meters, sensors within a water or wastewater network and other devices using standard protocols from any provider.  

The Aqualus software suite includes the Aqualuas IoT Platform, Aqualus Water and it’s associated Customer Portal and Field Opperations Application and Aqualus Vision. 

Aqualus is part of an open, scalable, interoperable ecosystem.


Aqualus History

The software was developed by Mackay Regional Council in partnership with Taggle Systems and Tyeware as part of the Council’s smart water initiative. It was known as MiWater with a Customer Portal called MyH2O.

The software was designed to analyse data from smart water meters and other sensors to identify leaks, engage with consumers, and reduce water consumption in the region.

The Council began development of the software in 2012, in 2019 Taggle purchased the software suite to further develop and commercialise it.

In 2020 it was rebranded to Aqualus and is used by over 25 utilities and councils around Australia and being launched into the USA. Currently, over 150,000 homes and businesses are being monitored by the software, making it the most successful smart water application in Australia. 

Aqualus Water


Aqualus Water is Taggle’s Meter Data Management platform. It was designed with water utilities for water utilities, specifically to handle the unique data and processes that emerge from the widespread adoption of smart water metering.

Aqualus Water processes, interprets and integrates data received from Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and other sources to provide water utilities control and oversight over their network infrastructure, from the whole of network perspective down to an individual domestic service.


Analytics made available by the smart water network, allows for decision makers to understand and plan the network whilst actioning operational insights. 

The data can help plan for future infrastructure spending, target maintenance prolonging asset life and an improved understanding of water flows to better manage network efficiency.


  • Automatic leak detection, alerts and notifications
  • A Field Tablet Application optimises the installation process, meter changes or removal by automatically storing and transferring data to the system
  • A Customer-facing portal enables improved customer service with easily resolved customer disputes, fewer calls for information on bills and customers are able to view their own water consumption in near real-time. This allows them to check for leaks on their property and understand how their behaviour affects their water consumption 
  • Billing integration allows the utility to extract meter reads at defined instances (date/time) for upload into the billing system
  • District Metered Areas to monitor for network losses


A built-in algorithm enables the detection of water leaks with a high degree of accuracy within a day of occurring. This functionality integrates with the Customer Relationship and Consumer Engagement modules to facilitate an automated alert process (periodic as well as on-occurrence).


The Customer Relationship Management functions of Aqualus Water manage the relationship of the water meter and consumption data with the property and owner/tenant/agent for each property. 



The Customer Portal provides a utility with a turn-key way of providing access to customers to their own water consumption data, allowing them to configure their own alerts and communication preferences.

The Customer Portal enables a utility to take CRM functionality a step further by providing consumers with an opportunity to directly access their own water consumption data on a self-serve basis.

It permits property owners, tenants and real-estate agents to gain access to relevant water consumption data in a secure, moderated environment. 

Aqualus Vision

Remote Sensor Monitoring

Aqualus Vision is a specialised analytics platform designed to monitor and manage the performance of remote water and wastewater networks.

Using the data from low-cost sensors including pressure sensors, level sensors, rain gauges, weather monitoring devices, odour and gas sensors. The Aqualus Vision application can assist in understanding the performance of the network and alert to any disruption. 

Detect and Prevent Sewer Overflow

Using a network of fixed location, low-cost, low-power sewer levels sensors, Aqualus Vision can identify patterns of sewer levels, and detect unexpected rises in the sewer manholes before there is a discharge event and they impact the public.

Mapping sewer levels across the network provides spatial context for understanding the performance of the network.

Identify the Causes of Sewer Overflow

Aqualus Vision uses information from local catchment rainfall to correlate sewer levels, and help detect and prevent the causes of sewer overflows, including chokes, rainwater inflow, groundwater infiltration and tidal inflows.

Plan and Monitor Preventative Maintenance

Aqualus Vision helps operators and engineers plan preventative maintenance programs such as smoke-testing, resealing manholes, relining pipes and flushing sewer lines.  Aqualus Vision also helps monitor the effectiveness of these maintenance programs to better manage maintenance programs in the future.

Sewer Level and Rainfall Data

Monitor Water Pressure

So why monitor pressure? The first reaction when an issue occurs is generally to re-design the network. A more sensible option is to investigate to assess the scale of the problem and find the best solution using sensors, data and insights.

  • Pressure issues due to height of properties
  • Challenges with pumping and valve operation 
  • Monitoring for pressure spikes (water hammer) to protect infrastructure
  • Monitor water supply and flow do determine pipe sizes required

Weather Station Data

To learn more about the Aqualus Software Solutions visit www.aqualus.com or contact us directly for a demonstration.