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Aqualus Software Solution

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Manage data from IoT Sensors with Aqualus


Aqualus is a data management tool with solutions to analyse data collected from smart water meters, sensors within a sewer network and other device using standard protocols from any provider.  

The Aqualus software suite includes Aqualus Water and it’s associated Customer Portal, Aqualus Sewer, Aqualus Telemetry and TaggleAg for the agricultural industry. 



Aqualus History

The software was developed by Mackay Regional Council in partnership with Taggle Systems and Tyeware as part of the Council’s smart water initiative. It was known as MiWater with a Customer Portal called MyH2O.

The software was designed to analyse data from smart water meters and other sensors to identify leaks, engage with consumers, and reduce water consumption in the region.

The Council began development of the software in 2012, in 2019 Taggle purchased the software suite to further develop and commercialise it.

In 2020 it was rebranded to Aqualus and is used by over 25 utilities and councils around Australia and being launched into the USA. Currently, over 150,000 homes and businesses are being monitored by the software, making it the most successful smart water application in Australia. 

Aqualus Water 

Aqualus Water is an integrated solution to manage and analyse water supply & consumption and related activities across the entirety of a water utility’s network.

Aqualus Water processes, interprets and integrates data received from Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and other sources to provide water utilities control and oversight over their network infrastructure, from the whole of network perspective down to an individual domestic service.




Customer Management

Aqualus Water is the management hub for metered consumption for a Water Utility. An approved user can manage individual water connections to identify leaks and high consumption with high currency and high granularity.

The system captures interactions made with the customer in relation to water consumption including functionality to report on network status and exceptions via map.

Network Management

The District Metered Area (DMA) module within Aqualus Water is able to fully manage the most complex of water networks in order to partition network segments for reporting and analytics. Using AMR data from all meters within the DMA, an hourly mass balance can be performed to identify non‐revenue water through network leaks, as well as specific events such as short‐term unmetered consumption. Reports within Aqualus Water can utilise AMR data to highlight network pressure differentials, and reveal trends in customer behaviour based on season, property type and customer profile.

Customer Portal

Aqualus Water includes a fully-featured customer web portal which permits property owners, tenants and real‐estate agents to gain access to water consumption data in a secure, moderated environment. Within this solution, each user is able to configure and activate their own alerts for high consumption, high cost or leak detection and then to receive such alerts via SMS or email. 

Aqualus Sewer

Sewer Level Monitoring

Aqualus Sewer is a specialised analytics platform designed to monitor and manage the performance of sewer networks.

Using the data from low-cost sensors including level sensors, rain gauges, weather monitoring devices, odour and gas sensors, the Aqualus Sewer application can assist in understanding the performance of the network and help identify the root-causes and locations of inflow and infiltration. 

Detect and Prevent Sewer Overflow

Using a network of fixed location, low-cost, low-power sewer levels sensors, Aqualus Sewer can identify patterns of sewer levels, and detect unexpected rises in the sewer manholes before there is a discharge event and they impact the public.

Mapping sewer levels across the network provides spatial context for understanding the performance of the network.

Identify the Causes of Sewer Overflow

Aqualus Sewer uses information from local catchment rainfall to correlate sewer levels, and help detect and prevent the causes of sewer overflows, including chokes, rainwater inflow, groundwater infiltration and tidal inflows.

Plan and Monitor Preventative Maintenance

Aqualus Sewer helps operators and engineers plan preventative maintenance programs such as smoke-testing, resealing manholes, relining pipes and flushing sewer lines.  Aqualus Sewer also helps monitor the effectiveness of these maintenance programs to better manage maintenance programs in the future.


TaggleAg is in development and testing. If you would like a demonstration or more information on the software please do get in touch.

Sensors currently being loaded into TaggleAg include weather stations, rain buckets, level sensors, soil moisture sensors and gate monitoring.

To learn more about the Aqualus Software Solutions visit www.aqualus.com.au or contact us directly for a demonstration.