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Cities and communities are faced with the challenge of improving the liveability and prosperity of their regions. 

Smart technologies such as sensors and communications are providing new sources of data, information and insight.

As technology drives forward and we have the tools available to learn more about what is happening in our cities and communities in near real-time through implementing new systems the liveability and sustainability of our cities improves.

IoT in Smart Cities

The data captured allows cities and communities to respond to ever-changing situations, allocate resources wisely and plan for the future.

Furthermore, putting real-time data into the hands of the community and local businesses enables everyone to be more connected and make better decisions with the information that is available.


The drivers of change and benefits of knowledge

Monitor the health and conditions of waterways

Reduce energy and water consumption

Cut down traffic and congestion (and in turn carbon emissions)

Identify faults and improve infrustructure before failure

Enhance Public Safety

Improve emergency services response times

Improve the efficiency of city operations and services

Measure air quality and noise polution