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Taggle has partnered with other industry leaders to provide the best solutions in smart water networks.

Honeywell / Elster Metering Australia

(Elster Metering is now part of Honeywell)

V100 and MRC-1 

Retro fit residential meters

Taggle has had a long standing relationship with Elster Metering Australia (now part of Honeywell). The company’s first significant project, 40,000 meters for Mackay Regional Council back in 2011, led to the development of Taggle’s MRC-1 transmitter.

This transmitter was designed specifically for Elster’s V100 meter and is the most widely installed retrofit device in Australia.

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Honeywell V200HT Digital Water Meter

Integrated with the Taggle Radio

The V200HT is an integrated smart water meter with the Taggle Byron Wireless 922MHz communication technology built in offering multiple open standards for data delivery and interoperability.

Key features include a 15 year battery life, a large clear digital display, advanced AES encryption and improved low flow capture.

The V200HT includes a Near Field Communication (NFC) radio that allows field personnel to interact with the meter for reading and configuration purposes. Mobile phones or tablet computers fitted with NFC radios can be used to interrogate the meter to retrieve stored readings in the event of meter failure, and configure its transmission interval settings. 

The meter ships in deep-sleep mode to conserve battery for extended shelf life and is woken by NFC at installation time.  

The V200HT is best suited for residential metering and is currently available as DN20 and DN25.

USA Market Solutions

Parakeet Transmitter for USA Standards

Taggle is working in partnership with Honeywell USA to deliver a smart water metering solutions to USA Utilities.

The Parakeet telemetry module was designed for this USA solution, it supports the Sensus protocol which is used by 90% of meters deployed in the USA market and boasts a 20 year battery life required for USA standards.

The partnership also includes the Aqualus Water software rebranded as Honeywell Videre Water to fit within the Honeywell suite of software solutions.

Meter Pits and Lids for optimal RF Performance
(Taggle is the exclusive reseller within Australia for Nicor Products)

Read-Rite Polymer Lids

Nicor’s high impact Read-Rite polymer construction provides virtually RF transparent signal propagation making it ideal for smart water metering solutions. 

Made of 100% virgin (i.e. new, non-recycled) Hydrozone HD polymer. The properties of this material are proven to not hinder radio transmission and provide optimal Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), which quantifies the relationship between RF strength and interference.

Nicor lids are lightweight, less than 4kg including rebar (weight is for B9 size) which drastically improves the safety of utility workers during installation and maintenance.

For the Australian Market – Independently tested and certified to AS 3996, Class C rating, load limit 150kN. 

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Modular Meter Box

The Modular Meter Box’s unique design provides cost-savings benefits for stocking and freight.

It occupies less space in installer trucks and works well for operations yards with limited space. The panels ship flat so that 4.5 times more units fit per pallet when compared to traditional style meter boxes.

The wall design is ribbed for added frame stability in the ground, the sides interlock with double dovetail joints which provide a secure connection and assembles on the job site quickly and easily without any equipment required.

The meter box is made from RF-friendly materials and easy to mount telemetry devices to any side wall. Available options include snap-on gopher bottom and adjustable mouse hole.

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Aquiba Meters

Digital Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Aquiba A210 Integrated Meter 

The Aquiba A210 is an electromagnetic flow meter with the Taggle Byron Radio Technology built in for remote monitoring.

The A210 is a valuable addition to the Taggle catalogue as it is best suited to monitor raw and unfiltered water as well as potable connections as there are no moving parts which can be damaged by grit in the raw water.

Being a static meter with no moving parts also provides benefits in regards to the life of the meter as there is no wear and tear to mechanical parts or loss of measurement throughout the meters lifetime. The A210 boasts high accuracy, high turndown and a low pressure drop so good for networks that experience low pressure issues.

Key features include a 15 years battery life based off hourly readings and a digital display for manual reads.

The meter uses remnant magnetic field and continuous measurement (no smapling) to monitor water flow.

The A210 is available in DN20 and DN25 with other sizes on the horizon.

Aquiba is an Australian based digital water meter designer and manufacturer based in South East Queensland as a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese Takahata Precision.

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