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Taggle provides data and analytics allowing councils and water utilities to make decisions that enable them to deliver a resilient water supply for a sustainable and healthy planet.

With over 280,000 smart water meters and sensors reading over 2.2 Billion data points per year, Taggle is leading the way in smart water solutions in Australia.

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Find out more about the challenges other Councils, Utilities and Industries have faced and how we have partnered with them to provide the solutions. 

Why choose Taggle?

Taggle technology is proven, successful and secure

280,000 Devices installed 

67 Customers

2.2+ Billion readings delivered annually

Deep domain expertise in water management

Over 10 years delivering smart metering

An open and interoperable solution

End-to-end water cycle management

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Does your water data flow like your H2O?

Does your water data flow like your H2O?

From Smart Watches to Smart Phones, we’ve all grown very accustomed to smart devices and the amazing ways that the data from these devices can be used to improve our lives. Many councils and water utilities are embracing “Smart Water” to monitor the end-to-end water...

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