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The planned delivery of smart water meters on every property connected to reticulated water in the Dubbo region will soon become reality, with Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) today announcing the successful contractor.

Taggle Systems has been selected through a formal tender process and will work with DRC to deliver this high-quality, innovative technology to residents and businesses across the local government area.

Dubbo Regional Council’s CEO Michal McMahon said he is happy with the outcome.

“Taggle Systems is a company with a proven record of providing many Council’s with a solution to managing their water meters. I am very pleased to see the plan for smart meters throughout the region become a step closer to being rolled out,” Mr McMahon said.

Council called for tenders for the supply and installation of smart meter technology for its entire fleet of water meters, including the development of an integrated water billing platform and a customer access portal in late 2019.

Council will fully fund this significant step in water management through its existing budget without the need to pass on any costs to ratepayers.

The successful tenderer, Taggle Systems, will provide Council with multiple different smart meter solutions. The meters will include solutions for meters that require a full upgrade, one that will be appropriate for newer meters that can be retrofitted and a meter appropriate for larger premises such as schools.

Once the smart water meters are rolled out to each property, an online portal will be launched so residents and business owners can login and view their water consumption in real time.

“Providing customers with access to their water consumption has many benefits. Importantly it will give the customer the ability to track water use and estimate their quarterly water account. It also allows our customer to set daily water use targets and be alerted if the target has been met,” Mr McMahon said.

The smart meter roll out is expected to commence in the coming months. The disruption to residents and occupants will be minimal with the process taking approximately 20mins to fit to each home and business.

For more information please visit Council’s website www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/smartmeters

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